coming soonWe are just stitching up a few loose ends to serve you!

Just to be completely honest. I think eating Chinese Food with Lace Embroidery Chop Sticks would be less frustrating somedays. Have you ever tried eating Chinese food or anything else for that matter with FSL Chop Sticks. Sounds messy.

So do you think I should create Lace Chopsticks? 🙂 Naw I’ll just keep plugging away here online. Less mess in the long run.

So what is going on at the shop?
CME is adding a design section to the website. You’ll notice the shop is at

Phase one is creating a free section of the site for the CME Freebie Club where you can access new free designs every month. AND certain designs such as awareness ribbons which will always be in the free area of the site.

If you haven’t signed up for the Freebie Club you really should right now. Why? Because in this mass mess of bobbin thread twisting around a multitude of other bobbins, I will send you an 80% off coupon good to use on our Etsy shop. Once all the extra mess has been trimmed I will no longer be offering such a great discount coupon. Sign up at the top of any page.

Once the free page is created everyone who has subscribed will be moved to the new system of getting Free Machine Embroidery Design.

Don’t fret I will keep everyone in the loop so there won’t be too many surprises.

Happy Embroidering!


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